about macy

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Macy Krew is a 22-year-old singer/songwriter from Nashville, originally from Grand Rapids, MI. You might recognize her from American Idol, where she made it to Hollywood and is a recognized alumni of the show. She sings country pop music and her debut single to radio, "Wherever You Are," made a large first impact in the music industry. The song has been added to radio stations where it hit Top 40, featured in Nashville's Lyric Magazine, recognized as "the next big hit" by Nashville's Next Women of Country, and has been acknowledged by talk shows around the country.

She is widely recognized on social media, with her pages reaching over 10,000 fans. She has performed many shows in Nashville, all around the states, and has opened for Idol winner Kris Allen, Matt Giraud, and other artists. She has headlined music festivals and fairs country-wide. Her powerhouse vocals and country twang pair well with the original songs she pens with honesty and attitude. Macy Krew is bringing the sparkles and sass to country music in a way never seen before, bringing the stage to life with contagious energy. She brings a large crowd with her everywhere she goes and gives a concert you won't ever forget.